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I think i might have a yeast infection

Question in full: Hi my name is J and I am a girl. I think i might have a yeast infection but i am embarrased to tell my mum or dad :(
Dear J With A Yeast Infection. Yeast infections are very common. Yeasts are normal bugs which can live in your body. If you get mo re yeast infection than normal they can cause soreness and white gunk in your mouth or vagina. A yeast infection is not a sign of dirtyness but can be seen if some of your normal balances in your body is upset, for instance if you have taken antibiotics for something else. It can be miserable having thrush and there are good treatments. It is very common to feel embarassed but think it would be good for you to tell someone so you can get the right cream to make it better. Your doctor would be able to tell you easily if you do have an infection and check that there is nothing else going on. Good luck!