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Is it normal to not have a girlfriend at 14?

Question in full: is it normal to not have a girlfriend at 14?
Dear 'Normal not to have a girlfriend at 14?' - absolutely no problems - it is normal. But there are friends and friends. I suspect that here you mean is it normal not be have a girlfriend who you have special feelings of attraction for including sexual feelings. You can have lots of friends who are girls without neccessarily being sexually attracted to them, or they being sexually attracted to you. What generally happens is that you develop a wide range of friends - both girls and boys and then over the weeks and months you gradually realise that one of these friends means something special to you and hopefully you to them. You have to be patient and let these things develop - it will happen and one day. Do not rush things, do not get anxious that it will never happen because it will and enjoy your friendships for all their worth whether they involve sex nor not. How will you know when it happens? Well studies show that it is a slow process - you begin to look at one another bit more, you begin to touch one another - a hand on a shoulder, and one thing leads to another but just remember that it is illegal to have sexual intercourse with a girl who is under the age of 16 but there are lots of other sexy things that you can do without having intercourse itself.