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Information for Teachers

Teenage Health Freak is a website for 10-16 years olds. It is based on the best-selling ‘Teenage Health Freak’ series published by Oxford University Press. The website contains a huge amount of information about health, relationships, illnesses, and other matters relating to young people’s lives such as bullying, stress, abuse etc. It also includes a virtual doctor’s surgery and the diary of a boy called Pete Payne.

The information on this site fits in with key stages 3 and 4 of the PHSE National curriculum, and has been developed by doctors experienced in adolescent health – a GP, Dr Ann McPherson and a paediatrician, Dr Aidan Macfarlane.

We know how busy teachers are, so to give you some idea of how to use this site in PHSE teaching we have had a lesson plan on ‘Sex and Relationships’ developed by an experienced PHSE teacher.

Please click here to download the lesson plan.