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Shit peeps - did you watch dat T.V. program about de effects of smoking cannabis. Scary shit. Seems like our little adolescent brains are still under development till we are old, old and that cannabis has an effect on summat called Dopamine production, and if you start smoking the weed during adolescence then if effects you for the rest of your life. Seems it can also throw you over the edge into schizophrenia and stuff. No more of the stuff for me - I need what little brain I have for better things thanks very much.
School was shite today. No one around - least of all Cills. All best people are down in Corwall - curse, curse, curse.Talked to Mum and Dad yesterday evenin about those special chemicals which make us smell great to wommin - them pherenome things - and they just laughed and said that a bath might help as a start. Why do parents always have to be such smartarses? I need girls more than baths. Well, I went into the bathroom, and ran a bath - splashed the water around with my hand a bit whilst reading the latest 'Loaded' sitting beside it. Cor what a totally brainless mag but then maybe it wasn't mean't to appeal to de brain part of me. When I came out Mum gave me a smug smile. I gave her a smug smile. Total satisfaction for everyone. Dad stinks of tobacco. He's definitely started again.