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Was 'aving a little 'discussion' with sisters Susie and Sals yesterday about how us boys never can tell the truth about fings…… had to admit us males weren't 2 good about being emotional as well -'cept when accused of lying that is. They said that they knew that but that wasn't what they meant. That it was like when Susie's friend Jake said 'It's getting late and I worry about you walking back in the dark' he was really saying 'Can you go home now 'cos Chelsea is playing (who would want to watch them playing is beyond me given that they lost 0-3 against Man U) on TV in five minutes which I want to watch and I don't want no distractions'. Told 'em us blokes had to do that 'cos girls get so emotional if they are told the truth. What about you peeps? Do you have boys not tell you the exact truth, or say one thing when they mean something else? email mein some please if you do…………..
Oh and email from E. about the unfairness of life....'Hey! I TOTALLY agree wit u about how disgustingly unfair this world is! All those rich ppl wouldn't even NOTICE if a measly 4% of all their dosh was gone. Did u no dat us westerners r only a quarter of the world, but we have 3 quarters of the worlds food! Bet that's mainly Amerika 'cos look 'ow fat they are. THAT'S SOOOO UNFAIR! We need 2 learn 2 only take wot we need.
From E. (very angry!!)