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Mum says I've gotta get cycle helmet and to wear it always, always, always - O.K not always but when I'm riding a bike. I said no way as they make you look like your brain is strapped to the outside of your head instead of inside it. She said that my brains nearly had been on the outside of my head and I was going to wear one in future whatever I looked like or take the bus and that was that. The lady doctor at the hospital had given her the third degree about accidents. Every year 200 cyclists get killed and 24,000 of them get injured on the roads. After mum's work today we went round to the local bke shop and actually found quite a cool one - really slim and light. Can't sleep for thinking about Cilla and Charlie. I didn't know they even KNEW one other let alone were going OUT TOGETHER!. SHIT, SHIT, SHIT