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I think I'm chubby

Question in full: i think i m chubby but i m not so sure because all my friends and this boy i like say i m thin and lean i don t know who to beleive the mirror or my friends
Dear ‘I think I’m chubby but I’m not so sure’, it doesn’t sound like you are overweight if all your friends think you are slim. Remember that normal people come in a range of shapes and sizes. And that everyone has days when they look in the mirror and feel heavier than usual. You may be growing quite a lot at the moment - it is normal for your weight to go up and down a bit as your body changes during puberty. You can find out if your weight is about right for your height by calculating your body mass index (or BMI for short). You can find out how to do this by looking under ‘weight’ or ‘body mass index’ in the index section of the website. There is a range of what is considered a normal BMI for a girl of your age. Your school nurse would be a good person to talk to about whether your BMI is ok (it sounds like it is!)