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Me and my bf want more exciting sex

Question in full: me and my bf have had sex b4 and we really love each other but we want to try something a bit more adventureous please could you name some diffrent sex positions and what you do in those sex positions
Good sex is all about finding out what feels best for both of you - whether you're lying side by side in bed or swinging from the ceiling. Different positions give different sensations so it's all about taking your time and trying things out. Girls generally need more stimulation to reach orgasm (boys can cum in just about any position!) so a lot of girls like being on top so they can control the speed and find a position that feels good for them. Boys get all their sexual sensation from their penis, but the female equivalent is the clitoris, which boys often don't know about! So a good position might be one where you can rub your clitoris while his penis is inside you. Make sure you've got your contraception sorted so you can relax and have great sex without worrying about pregnancy.