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Regret losing my virginity

Question in full: i recently lost my virginity and i regret it so much. the thing is, ive been bleeding for 9 days quite heavily after i had sex which i dont think is normal. its definately not my period because im on the pill and i usually take it while on suppost to be on my period, therefore i dont actually have my period. thats why im so extremely scared about whats happening, please help. p. s. it was protected sex nd i really dont want to tell my mum.
Dear 'i recently lost my virginity and i regret it so much'. The feelings we have after sex, especially when we have sex for the first time, can be really complicated and confusing. It really helps if you can talk about these feelings, maybe with a friend or a teacher you get on with or even your GP. It is a good idea to not have sex again until you have worked through these important feelings. With regards to the bleeding, you need to see a doctor. It is normal to bleed a little after having sex for the first time. This is due to the breaking of a thin membrane or bit of skin in the vagina called the hymen. This could be the cause of your bleeding. It could also be due to the pill you are taking. Other more serious causes of bleeding include infection and pregnancy so you really must get it checked out.