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Should I wear an underwired bra?

Question in full: I am a 32 AA should I where an underwired Bra?
Dear 32AA, girls can have very different views about their boobs - some want to show off everything and use underwired padded bras to maximise the size. Other girls want to hide their chests away under big baggy clothes! There's no medical reason to wear a bra - they're simply for support - so it's entirely up to you what you do. Lots of the fashion shops do really good, cheap crop-top type bras if you don't want to wear an underwired one. And your breasts will change shape a lot during your teens so don't spend too much on a bra - you might need a different size a month later! Most bras these days are underwired, but you shouldn't be able to feel the wiring - it's there to give support. You're lucky at 32AA that you don't need to wear a bra if you don't want to but there will be lots of choice in the shops for your size.