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What should I do about my weight?

Question in full: what should I do about my weight when I am older?
It is really good you are thinking about this. It is important not to be too fat or too thin, both so we feel good and also to prevent all sorts of horrible illnesses. The best thing you can do is give yourself a healthy approach to food and your weight now. And to keep this going so you are as fit and healhty as you can be when you are older. Try to eat the right portions of the right things - see Try to only eat when you are hungry and eat slowly and really listen to your body to see if you are full - and stop eating when you are full even if there is food on your plate (you can save this for lunch the next day). Try to be as active as you can - walking to school, using the stairs not a lift, riding your bike and going swimming. If you are a normal weight now and have healthy eating and good amounts of physical activity you shouldn't need to worry about your weight when you are older. It will follow on and be healthy like the rest of you!