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Why do people have sex?

Question in full: why do people have sex
The human body is designed to have sex to make babies - it's a natural process. Male and female bodies creates lots of hormones to make them fancy each other and to make them interested in sex when they're older. In nature, this means there's a chance they'll pass on their genes by reproducing. Animals do that, but humans are cleverer and don't just have sex to have babies. People also have sex as a way of expressing their feelings for each other and giving each other pleasure. Sex can be good if it's an intimate, shared experience which makes people close to each other if they both want to do it. But it can be a bad experience if someone doesn't want to do it or doesn't feel ready to do it. Some teenagers have sex because they are curious and want to find out what it is and how their body works. This is natural and normal, but it is very important not to have sex until you feel emotionally ready, you have contraception (to avoid getting pregnant) and you know where to get help and advice.